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He saved the lives of 50 Christian families, help save his


If the suicide reached the block, everyone would die. The car was stopped by Bakhtiar, but he was seriously injured in this operation. He went to Turkey for treatment. After returning to Kurdistan, it turned out that during the operation in Turkey his kidney was stolen, which blocked the artery and blood supply to his right leg. Mutilated Bakhtiar has lost his ability to walk.

In May 2017, the SOS FOR LIFE Foundation brought Bakhtiara to Poland, where he underwent surgery in June to restore power to his leg. Today, he feels good, is undergoing rehabilitation and is thinking of returning to Kurdistan. However, you must cover the costs of Bakhtiara treatment, which reach PLN 30,000. That is why a soldier who saved the lives of several dozen people is now appealing for help to be able to live normally. Each zloty paid brings Bakhtiara closer to returning home.

We would like to remind you that Polish soldiers of the Anders Army, 3rd Carpathian Light Artillery Regiment from the 3rd Carpathian Infantry Division were stationed near Kirkuk in 1942-43. The graves of Polish soldiers are nearby.

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The SOS For Life Foundation is a foundation operating on the basis of the Law Concerning Foundations (Dziennik Ustaw, 1991, n. 46, section 203 with subsequent modifications) and of the Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteer Work as well as its statutes.
Our goal is to help suffering and poor persons, the most vulnerable persons who, because of ill health, age or poverty are not able to improve their situation.
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