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We start a collection in Chełmno for people in Kurdistan


Alicja Zasadowska has been in Iraqi Kurdistan for several months. Since November, he has been talking about what is going on there in Czasu. It was thanks to her that we got to know the fate of Kurds, learned about human rights violations and religious persecution. At the beginning of January we met with Alicja in Chełmno. She said then that people need everything. There is a lack of basic things: food, hygiene products, and winter clothes. Together with a group of people gathered that day, we decided to organize help for refugees. Bearing in mind your Christmas generosity, we know that now we can also count on support.

On Monday, we contacted the Rzeszów Foundation "SOS for Life", which periodically sent donations to Kurdistan. The items we collect during our collection will join those collected in Rzeszów.

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The SOS For Life Foundation is a foundation operating on the basis of the Law Concerning Foundations (Dziennik Ustaw, 1991, n. 46, section 203 with subsequent modifications) and of the Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteer Work as well as its statutes.
Our goal is to help suffering and poor persons, the most vulnerable persons who, because of ill health, age or poverty are not able to improve their situation.
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