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III transport with aid


Our third transport of aid to persecuted, who fund refuge in Kurdistan left Rzeszow on February 2nd. To load a truck helped us again Fire Department Unites from Rzeszow and area. We are very grateful to FireDepartment for help. Special thanks to all donors of clothes, blankets, bedding's from all Poland.

Help got to Kurdistan on February 10th. Workers of Barzani Foundation unloaded truck in Dohuk and next they transported aid to Sinjar area on Nineveh Valley. This historical and biblical place which was rescued from ISIS by Kurdish Army. Our aid did help refugees, who were trapped in Mountains.

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The SOS For Life Foundation is a foundation operating on the basis of the Law Concerning Foundations (Dziennik Ustaw, 1991, n. 46, section 203 with subsequent modifications) and of the Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteer Work as well as its statutes.
Our goal is to help suffering and poor persons, the most vulnerable persons who, because of ill health, age or poverty are not able to improve their situation.
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